So what is it about the show that works for the audience? You have a growing audience. It’s blowing up on social media. Hashtag Cloneclub. I see that everywhere. What do you think about this is resonating for the audience?

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SQ are dating but Emma still doesn't think Regina cares all that much about her (self-hatred stemming from foster system) until one day she gets hurt and Regina goes all Evil Queen on her attacker

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Hi there :) I know this has come through a few times and the only reason I haven’t answered the prompt is because I’ve been writing it and it took on a life of it’s own! Hahaa. Thank you for the prompt and for your patience and I hope you like it :/

"Oh sweetheart!"

Her groan intensified at the pain filled pressure on her left side, like knives shooting the entirety of her body, the air coming out of her parted lips in short pants, the smell of disinfectant increasing the nausea she felt with every inhale.

"I’m so sorry," Snow, the tone of voice was unmistakeable to Emma, "I completely forgot," her worried face came into view as bloodshot green eyes blinked open bit by bit, a smile filled with relief yet still tinged with concern alleviated her earlier annoyance…at least someone was here, someone cared.

As she made to speak, she felt the air catching painfully in her throat, an irritable cough scratching from her lungs throughout her chest. It was as though someone had lit a fire within her, “what the hell happened?” she managed to gasp out after sipping at the water her mother held to her chapped lips.

Snow’s eyes glazed over slightly then as she thought back over the previous night. “It was awful Emma,” she began, her soft voice trembling as she spoke, “why you didn’t call for help I will never know…your stubbornness most definitely comes from your father’s side, one time he-“

"Mom," she interrupted, her head pounding even more with Snow’s rambling, the woman meant well but right now too many thoughts were vying to be processed "just give me the cliff notes."

"You’re right," Snow gave a nervous laugh as she attempted to calm herself, "I’m sorry Emma, I just…you worried me okay?" Her gaze was steady then, her eyes holding confused green, "you worried us all."

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I really don't get all about Regina an abuser because really i see Regina as any parent who makes mistakes and accidentally or not hurt their sons and daughters (my mom for example hurt my feelings but i still love her and Henry is the same) and yes i feel that Henry was only angry the first 2 seasons because he discover he was adopted and he felt like he was lie to the whole time and then he found the book and his distrust with Regina grew.

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Having an adopted child (she’s only 4 now so we have time) in our house, we have had many a discussion on how to best handle the overall conversation with the Midgeteer when it becomes important to do so. Regina’s major fault - and in real world comparisons, she is far from alone in this - is that she didn’t have a plan for this and instead reacted poorly to natural curiosity and child emotion about the why of his adoption. It’s entirely normal for kids to feel abandoned even surrounded by love especially if Regina was already handling some of his independence in a less than perfect manner. She didn’t exactly have many parental guide posts and so over-reactions from her track completely. And Henry felt lied to, betrayed and then probably shut out because she wouldn’t discuss these things with him because she likely feared them -unfortunately considering what came to be, for good reason.

All to say, it’s complicated and I think when you look at the choices parents make, you have to remember that they are humans who are often deeply flawed. She was not trying to hurt Henry, and she wasn’t just thinking of herself (though certainly her fear cut in and she reacted on behalf of herself) but because she was trying to protect him from the things she feared. She made poor choices but abuse? No.

I don’t remember an actual conversation with my parents. My mom made up a song and story and told it to me from the time I was little. I knew I was adopted before I even knew what it meant, only that I grew in someone else’s belly. Of course later when I actually had a grasp on what it all meant I began to ask questions, which my parents always answered. It was an open topic in our house anytime I needed to talk about it. I think that is where a lot of adoptive parents (including Regina) go wrong. I think many have an understandable fear they will lose their children. It’s a very real fear for adoptive parents and one I saw my own mom struggle with.

Really there are lots of different ways to go about it. Books are excellent and if you can find some really good ones to read at a young age when it comes time to have that conversation you can reference…”Remember in Stellaluna” for example. Stories always help children understand things a little better because they have something to look back on and think…yeah I remember that, she turned out ok and was loved.

The fact that Regina did not go about the whole adoption conversation in the best way likely caused the majority of their problems, but abuse, not at all. Making a mistake about how you parent is not abuse. If it were everyone’s kids would be taken away.

I only think that it’s always important to tell the truth about the adoption as soon as possible. I, for instance, know that I am adopted since a tender age and my mother always had frank conversations about who I was and where I came from and how I got to be adopted.

And I think that not having a plan was a mistake for Regina, but I guess she never really gave a thought to the possibility of Henry’s mother show up at her door. Closed adoption made her never give it a thought, so I really think that Henry’s reaction would have been quite different if he was presented with the truth since the beginning (because I believe Regina told him about the adoption when he was grown enough to fell out of place, even unloved).

I believe that Regina handled the aftermath of him discovering his origin and all that happened next like any parent would: action and immediate reaction. She was afraid of losing Henry, it’s an explanation, not an excuse. She realized in time that she had to let him go if she ever wanted to have his love again. And so she did it. And I say it’s difficult because I hear my mother say that she can’t live without me quite often. And Regina chose to let Henry go because it was the best for him, for them even. The whole situation was complicated, but Regina had time to realize her mistakes and started her way to redemption.

It paid off, and now it’s fact that Henry loves Regina just as much as she loves him and abuse is just a shallow argument used based only in Season 1 Regina, and we all know she’s not that woman anymore.

The thing is, I don’t think Regina did tell him. Somehow or another, he found out on his own and that caused the massive implosion between them.