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Hey I'm Bree! FINALLY 21 years old! I reside in the northwest suburbs outside Chicago. If it makes you feel better, I would say I identify as pansexual. I'm on the Speech and Debate team, and I currently am I gold medal national champion in impromptu speaking (I'm allowed to brag a little - right?) I'm currently writing a SwanQueen fan fiction called "The New Storybrooke." The link is at the top. It's on, but there are chapter previews here on Tumblr. This is my personal Tumblr (and my only Tumblr), so I basically just post whatever I feel like. Expect the unexpected. Or don't. It's really your choice, but either way expect there to be naked women and Lana Parrilla. Not necessarily in that order.


ha ha ha swan queen ruined my life

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Is it weird that I got so happy seeing swan queen on my fb


Is it weird that I got so happy seeing swan queen on my fb

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I apologize for the rant, but... →


If you’re supposedly trying to keep the peace between ships, you’re not going about it the right way.

Using the Swan Queen tags in your posts and constantly telling us that we’re wrong, that we should stop with our theories, and in other words trying to convince us to lose hope in our ship…

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Emma reacts to Regina kissing Robin Hood

Snow:Regina and Robin, they kissed.
Snow:Honey, I'm sure there's a good reason for why she did it!
Emma:Sure, she's all over him and everything is just Robin here, Hood there. And don't even get me started on the whole giving her heart away thing, which really worked out well, mind you. Because hey, thank god Zelena has her heart now! Obviously nobody could have ever protected it better. He had it like, what 5 minutes and gave it away. How could he do that? And as a 'thank you' Regina runs out there sticking her regal tongue into his mouth?!
Snow:Emma, I'm sure Zelena left him with no choice! He wouldn't give Regina's heart away lightly
Emma:Are you defending him now? Seriously?
Snow:No, but honey, you know she loves you, right? Whatever brought on that decision has nothing to do with her feelings for you!
Emma:Yeah? But what did make her do it then?
Snow:*stares holes inside the kitchen table*
Snow:I might have told her something about loving with her whole soul and giving second chances.
Snow:I was totally talking about you! But I also can imagine how she would be jealous with you practicing your magic tricks with Hook and all and then just...
Emma:So you're telling me she did it out of jealousy?
Snow:You have to admit when it comes to Hook and Hood you both are overtly jealous. Maybe you took your little look-how-I'm-flirting-with-this-bad-mysterious-man-just-to-turn-you-on-game a little too far.
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This look ruined me

Regina’s just told her that if Zelena succeeds then Emma will cease to exist and her response? A look that kinda says ‘oh well’.

It’s the look of someone who’s thought of it before.

Cause we all agree Emma’s been through some shit in her life and it’s super possible she’s wished she’d never been born a few times while growing up and I think this look shows it. 

And it breaks my heart. 

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And when we make the list of parallels between hook and Regina and how he kinda is a male version of her, never forget they both keep their shirt half opened.

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My headcanon


Is not that Snow thinks Emma/Regina is porn, but will be their biggest supporter.

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Possibly the thing I love most about the swanqueen shippers is that nobody told us to ship this. All the other ships on this show are here because somebody told people to ship it. Outlaw queen with the pixie dust, captain swan with the “hook is in love with her” and swanfire because he is henrys…

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